Photography Policy

Professional Photography Policy


Thank you for your consideration of photography at Rawlings Farm. Our farm is the perfect location for family, engagement and holiday shoots. The farm’s pumpkin patch, Christmas trees, and fields provide beautiful backdrops.

How to Plan a Photo Session at Rawlings Farm?

  1. Schedule your session

    • Submit a Session Request Form at least 7 days in advance. You will receive approval or denial of your session request within 24 hours of receipt. 

  2. Photography Fee: There is a $50 fee per hour (capped at $250 per day).

  3. Check-In: All photographers must check-in prior to your session.

    • Check in with a manager upon arrival.

    • Pay the $50 Photography Fee.

    • Confirm your approved Session Request Form and Photography Agreement is on file. 

    • Rawlings Farm is a working farm and for your safety it is imperative that we know you are present. We will direct you to the location you are permitted to take photos (by your request in most cases). 

    • Please be aware of restricted zones provided to you at check-in.


14700 Greensboro Road

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Phone: (302) 364-0670

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